Traffic Law
  • Represent in court
  • Protect your driving record
  • Minimize your demerit points
  • Eliminate or lower your fine
  • Avoid a driver's licence suspension
  • Avoid possible jail time
Small Claims Court
  • Presentation for claims up to $25,000.00
  • Recovery of debts, property damage, breach of contract and other disputes
  • Enforcement of judgment
Landlord and Tenant
  • Evictions
  • Non-payment of rent
  • Expert representation for all landlord & tenant complaints
  • Fight illegal rent increase
  • Draft, file and serve the Landlord and Tenant Board applications, legal documents and forms
Immigration (in association with Loitas Immigration and Consulting Canada)
Other legal services:
  • Complete various legal forms
  • Draft and commission affidavits, correspondence and any other documents
  • Draft contracts, lease agreements
  • Do bankruptcy searches
  • Enforce judgment from the Small Claims Court
  • EI Appeals

Among legal services we have provided, we offer representation in Ontario Courts of Justice regarding the following provincial offences contrary to Highway Traffic Act

  • Exceeding speed limit(Speeding)
  • Failing to obey a stop sign, signal light or railway crossing sign
  • Failing to yield right of way
  • Failing to signal
  • Improper turns
  • Seatbelt violations
  • Careless driving
  • No insurance
  • Driving under suspension
  • Driving without a licence
  • Failing to remain at the scene of an accident

Unfortunately many traffic offences are not only a fine which you can easily pay and forget about, but also demerit points against your driver's license and often insurance hike.  The consequences of the unchallenged convictions and accumulated points are not limited to the raised insurance rates. Depending on the class of a driver's licence  accumulation of the certain amount of demerit points may lead to  a driver;s licence suspension.

If the elimination of your ticket is not possible, we will valiantly seek a resolution that can result in the reduction of points and fine.  

Traffic ticket is always unexpected and unpleasant event, therefore you should think carefully what your next step would be.

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